Our Good Neighbor Guest Agreement

Vacation Rental Management Association of South Padre Island

We want you to have a wonderful time during your vacation on South Padre Island. At the same time, as your vacation rental host and a member of the Vacation Rental Management Association of South Padre Island, are committed to maintaining a peaceful family atmosphere for your enjoyment as well as the enjoyment of our neighbors. Please read the following information about local laws and HOA rules carefully.  

Make the most of your vacation by taking the same precautions that you do at home;  keep your vacation home and cars locked at all times and safeguard your keys.  

I agree that I and all of my guests understand and will abide by this agreement, all HOA rules, and city, county, and state laws: 

  • The reservation holder is at least 25 years old and must be an occupant during the entire stay.
  • Unchaperoned young adult groups are allowed only by specific prior arrangements with your vacation rental host.
  • Property occupancy can not be exceeded day or night. All guests must be registered with your vacation rental host.
  • Loud music and noise are prohibited. 
  • All cars must be registered with your vacation rental host. 
  • All cars must be parked in designated parking places with parking passes displayed where required.
  • Cars will not be parked on lawns or in a neighbor’s driveway. Vehicular traffic will not be impeded.
  • Posted street signage (speed limits, parking) will be followed. 
  • Motor homes, campers, trailers, and tents may not be parked or hooked up at rental properties.
  • Boat trailers are only allowed at certain properties or in designated public parking. 
  • A valid driver’s license is required to operate a licensed golf cart. Seat belts are required and music is not allowed.
  • Non-street-licensed vehicles (4-wheelers, go-carts, dirt bikes, scooters, ATVs, etc.) are not permitted within city limits.
  • BBQ grilling is allowed only at certain properties in designated areas. 
  • Only registered dogs are allowed in SOME rental properties for a fee. Leash laws and pick-up rules must be followed.
  • All properties are NON-SMOKING. Smokers will smoke outside and dispose of smoking debris properly.
  • Help keep South Padre Island clean! Trash must be secured in tied plastic bags and placed in the trash bins provided.
  • HOA rules will be provided by your rental agent and must be followed. 
  • In the case of a mandatory evacuation, guests must evacuate their homes as per City of South Padre Island orders.
  • In the case of evacuation, the decision to re-enter the house is solely that of your vacation rental host. 

The Beach and Bay

  • City Ordinance prohibits any shading device on the beach between 10 pm and 9 am. Fines are imposed by SPI Code Enforcement. Anything left on the beach will be removed and discarded by beach cleaning crews.
  • The dunes are off-limits in the city limits! Walking, digging, standing, or driving on dunes is not allowed south of Beach Access #5. Dune crossovers or beach access points must be used to get to the beach. 
  • Seaweed cannot be relocated on the beach except by City or County coastal workers. 
  • South Padre Island is the Fireworks Capital of Texas. Enjoy the many professional shows. But open fires and fireworks set off by the general public are prohibited everywhere on South Padre Island, including the beaches.
  • Driving is not allowed on the beach south of beach access #5. Please obey the posted signs.
  • Glass containers are not allowed on South Padre Island beaches. 
  • All trash must be removed from the beach. Fines are imposed by SPI Code Enforcement. 
  • Dogs are not allowed to run loose on the beach. 
  • Commercial activity and vendors other than beach umbrella rentals are not allowed on the beach.
  • While boating or jet skiing, “No Wake” rules in the bay must be observed. Posted signage must be followed.
  • Please clean fish where caught. The remains must be wrapped in plastic bags and placed in outdoor trash cans. 

Violation of any of these policies will result in eviction and forfeiture of all monies paid or deposited.  Also, many of the items are legally enforceable and subject to fine or criminal prosecution.

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