The Benefit of Having a Professional Property Manager

Investing in a rental property on South Padre Island can provide an incredible source of income. However, becoming a landlord or host is not a simple task. Managing all aspects of a vacation rental property demands a lot of time, energy, and dedication. Property management requires a multitude of skills and it comes with several responsibilities. Fortunately, a professional local property management company can help you earn money from your rental home as well as keep the property quality at an elevated level for your guests. 

Onsite staffing

Hiring a local property management company gives owners a tremendous advantage when it comes to customer service and response times for guest issues. Our local South Padre Island vacation rental companies offer 24/7 emergency response in the event of an issue during a guest’s stay. Having a professional local staff is key to providing exceptional “boots on the ground” service for tourists visiting SPI. We are all aiming for the same goal, to provide an exceptional experience for our guests. 


Our local vacation rental managers use all the same advertising channels as the national brands. Working with a local company will ensure your rental property is being marketed on the right advertising channels. Taking advantage of a property manager’s local marketing knowledge is key to a successful short-term rental. Local managers understand the unique seasonality of South Padre Island.

Rate Management

A destination’s rates are unique to that specific area. An experienced local property manager is able to track the pulse of the tourism market all year long and will be the best sounding board for rate increases and decreases. The seasonality of South Padre Island causes significant rate changes throughout the year. A property management company that is always checking the sales pacing, average daily rates, future supply, and demand rental trends, etc will be the best judge on what direction to go with rates in order to maximize a homeowner’s profit. 

Customer Service

When guests have an issue, they expect a quick response. Our association’s goal is for everyone visiting South Padre Island to have a memorable and positive experience of our destination so they keep coming back for years to come. One of the biggest ways we can accomplish this is through a high level of customer service on a local level. Customers that speak to a live person that lives in the same area as their rental properties provide confidence to the guest that everything will be taken care of appropriately.

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